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Showing the Good News

of Jesus Christ for All


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Showing the Good News of Jesus Christ For All


✓ Showing

Through teaching of the Word of God, through encouraging each other to love and good works, through songs and hymns of the faith, through prayers and material gifts, we show Jesus.


✓ Good News

The world is full of bad news. Here, we emphasize the Good News that Jesus is the Hope in this world of hopelessness. Good News is the message that God has won through the person of Jesus Christ


✓ Jesus Christ

The name of Jesus Christ means that he is our Anointed King and our personal Savior. In Him, our sins are forgiven, and we follow after Him with our allegiance in thanksgiving for His death on the cross, and resurrection.


✓ For All

The Good News message of Jesus Christ is not for one type of person, but for all peoples. All are in need of the only Savior, and all are called to follow the King of kings. Everyone is invited to come!

Meeting Times


Sunday School
All Ages
Sundays 9:30


Morning Worship
Sundays 10:30


Prayer Meeting
Last Wed of the
Month 7pm


Small Groups
Multiple Homes
Sundays 5pm


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What To Expect

✓ The Word of God Preached

God's Word is our authority. Because of that, we spend over half of our Sunday Morning worship under its teaching. Using the King James Version with support from other modern English versions, Pastor Eric or Elder Stephen preaches the Bible for 30-45 minutes.


✓ Hymns of the Faith

We sing hymns from all of church history, from the earliest centuries of the church to the modern hymns of today. Using words on the screen and hymnbooks in our hands, we sing songs from Isaac Watts, Fanny Crosby, and Keith Getty to name a few. Simple accompaniments with piano, cajon, and guitar support congregational singing.


✓ Welcoming atmosphere 

Some people wear suits or dresses; some wear jeans and t-shirts. We try to follow Jesus who looks on the heart and not on outside appearance. The gospel is for all: rich or poor, fancy or casual, traditional or modern.


✓ Walking through the front door

Someone should be there to greet you! In the foyer there are bulletins showing our daily schedule, a plate for giving and donations, a hymnbook if you prefer that to the screen, and hearing assistance. Find a seat wherever you'd like. We often start a few minutes late, so feel free to say hi to your neighbor. If you'd feel more comfortable checking us out before visiting, we live stream our services on YouTube.

Join us any Sunday at the address below. Or use the form to schedule a visit, ask a question, or just say "Hi!"


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